A company who’s service is to fabricate and deliver nano-structured layered materials.

Web design

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An opeb macbook and an iPhone next to eachother
Smena, a start-up company, needed a new visual identity for their brand, including a website that breaths modernity, technology, credibility and naturalness.

The main goals for the website was to make potential investors and customers interested to contact Smena to buy their products and to start collaborating.
Adobe Illustrator
Linnea Kvammen
Isabelle Dubar
Mockup of Smenas logotype on paper
The project went on for about two months and had many stages. Throughout our journey we always communicated with our client to make sure we were on the right track.

As per usual in a project we iterated many stages; the structure of the website and the logotype are two elements that changed appearance several times.

External analysis

Wireframe and greybox

High fidelity



Final product

Wireframe and greybox

After making an external analysis we showed some of the inspiration to the client. They were happy with our findings and thought we were on the right track.

Thereafter we made many greybox sketches in the hopes of creating the best layout of the website.
Screenshot of part of Smenas website

High fidelity

We wanted the targeted audience to understand what Smena did as a company as soon as entering the website. Short but explanatory copy as well as a complementary image therefore made up the hero section.

The other main goal was to make it easy to contact the company, so many CTA-buttons was placed throughout the site.

Smena strive for a green development, this means we think several hundred years ahead.

The site is a one-pager and so to make them stay as long as possible we thought that the structure of the website needed to be like a story ...
... beginning with an introduction of the company, continuing with what they offer and ending with and urge to know more about them.


We had many suggestions for the logotype, something we came back to many times. It was a difficulty to create a symbol that portrayed the technology correctly.

Eventually, after receiving new feedback to the designs we had made, a symbol that reflected what the company worked with, was finished.


We made the site in Wordpress, using the Divi-theme. It was easier than expected to code it, but it took some time since we were both relatively new at it.

We of course made sure the site was responsive.
Valuable insights
Me and Linnea learned a lot during this project; that having good communication with eachother as well as our client made the end result the best it could be.

We also learned how to create a site based on material that did not exist, which is often the case when working with astart-up company. I felt like I had a great responsibility to help Smena in the best way I could as a ux/ui-designer.
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